$$$$$$$   TUITION PRICES  $$$$$$$
Tuition is based on a dance year enrollment from September 2017-June 2018
Monthly Tuition
(Based on a 10 month enrollment)

Class Name
Monthly Fee
Credit Card Surcharge
Baby Combo Class (45 min)
Exceptional (1 hour)
Combo Class (1 hour)
Recital Classes (1 hour)
Unlimited Rec Classes Plan
Competition Team
2nd Class
Private Lesson (1/2 hour)
Private Lesson (1 hour)
Tuition is  due the first of every month. A credit card/bank draft form must be submitted.   A late fee of $30.00 is applied to every late payment past the 5th of the month, students will not be allowed in class until tuition is paid. A $30.00 fee will be added to every returned check. 
Competition fees for dance competitions vary upon each dance competition all students must pay competition fees (by the due date) in advance there are absolutely no refunds for competition fees. Fundraising can be used for fees.
For our Serious Dancers/Performers ....Private lessons are available for additional pricing....please see Miss Joy to discuss your goals and pricing
Costume Pricing
Costume packages are put together
to give you the Best Value. If you have a combo class you will be receiving a convertible costume or a costume that can be used for both dances.
All costumes are very high quality and are made to order. 
Every Costume package is complete with briefs, gloves, hats, hair accessory, jewels, etc. (Tights are not included and need to be purchased separate) A complete costume description and picture is posted for each class by Oct. 31st in lobby. Costume deposits of $50.00 are due no later than September 30th..No Exceptions!!!! The remaining Balance for Costumes are due when the costumes arrive. The total price for costumes is $70.00 price is based on number of pieces and or accessories.  All costumes are to be paid in full upon arrival and confirmation by parent and Miss Joy that the costume is a proper fit.  I am an early costume orderer.  I receive my costumes in advance with plenty of time to make exchanges and or alterations. ****   Costume Balances are usually due in the beginning or middle of March.*****no returns  on costumes or costume deposits.
Every Student and Every Class is expected to attend the recital and are expected to purchase costumes. 
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